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Her heart quickens when it hears your voice.

The stirring it creates baffles her.

How your voice reverberates throughout her entire body;

A jump, a start and a pulse that beats faster.

Her knees weaken and her muscles quiver remembering the way you touched her.

The way you know what she needs at what precise time.

And how her release, her pleasure, is just as important to you as your own.

The way she thinks of you being inside her, and the way it causes her to catch her breath.

How her lower parts can begin throbbing and aching, long before you are even near them.

You confound her, this response her body has to you.

How untamed she feels around you, or even when she lets your power seep into her thoughts.

You are exactly what she needs, the freedom to let her body experience the unreservedness it always feel so in need of maintaining.

The permission her body and mind has to feel, instead of suppress, unglues her paradigm of what a woman should be. 

And for that she is humbled and grateful.

~an adaptation of a previous written piece

(Photo from the Internet)