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I considered this may be our last visit. With all the stress of life, it came upon me so fast. The nights we spent, murmuring through
sleep, to stay awake for that one last moment in eachothers wakeful presence. Just to give way to the subconscious sleep awareness that my bed was no longer empty. The warmth of your body, radiating heat, warming me through the cold nights of winter in a drafty house. But spring had come, and life was calling you away to the coast where your company had relocated you. I thought I was ok with this. Knowing from that first morning you woke up in my bed, that this affair was to be short lived, and that attachment was to be avoided at all costs. But the more and more time you remained, I found myself lost to your charm, wit and your beautiful face. Smitten by every one of your glances, silly jokes, and the way you touch me, just the thought of your absence alone leaves a gaping hole in my heart. Is this love? The desire to not be without?  
(Photo from Pinterest)

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