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Breathless I reached over to the pillow that lay across the generic bedside clock and checked the time. I let out a long groan and stuffed the pillow back over top of it.
Facedown on the bed and pressed into the well used sheets, was a middle aged me not so anxious for this moment to end.
The young man behind me, well he certainly was of undoubtable skill and an hour in, as breathless as we were, more was what our palettes were craving and more was what our appetites were demanding.
“I should go,” I managed to moan out.
Then feeling the weight of his body sink further onto my back side I moaned again for a whole other reason.
I bent my arms ready to get up and I felt his hands at my hips drawing me upwards and into his middle.
I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, chestnut hair disheveled, my ample breasts hanging between my arms and I braced myself to get up; and there was a pink flush across my skin in the places the sun hadn’t yet kissed this summer.
What struck me most was the look on my face, my pinked swollen lips, cocked eyebrow and a mischievous quirk in the corner of my mouth that said without words, I wasn’t going anywhere.
He countered my urge to get up and pushed my back down so my chest met the sheets once again and my head angled itself off to the side with my ass exposed in the air.
No… he wouldn’t. Would he? I hadn’t. Ever. Why would I hold back now? 
“Oh my god…” 
The room spun as he drew a line from the nape of my neck all the way to the crease of my buttocks and I held my breath.
Then with a gasp inwards we both startled as a voice and loud knocking were heard at the door.
“Hello? Hello?” Was it a Spanish accent I heard? Or a ….wait, why were we hearing the click to the lock on the hotel door give way?
With that I lurched away from the line of sight and quickly threw a pile of balled up sheet at the man that was standing plain as day, now naked in front of a hotel maid that breached the door without waiting.
…”house….keep….ing.” This strange woman chimed with a tone that went initially from cheerfully pleasant to an oh Mary Mother of Jesus type of expression.
“We’re good, no really we’re fine. No service today is needed, honestly.”  None of these words really required much explanation when spoken by a man with a crumpled up sheet covering his well endowed privates. 
I had already begun shaking silently with laughter while the voice of the poor hotel employee could be heard apologizing profusely. Then with a click and a chain on the door slide I knew we were in the clear.
I burst out laughing and rolled over holding my side while still holding the duvet to cover up my nakedness. I looked over just in time to see the sheet flying through the air to land at my head. By this point tears were rolling down my cheeks from laughing so hard while he stood there stark naked enjoying the giggle fits I had found myself in.
I slowed my laughter and wiped the tears from my eyes and found myself focusing on the man before me; marvelling at his form while he walked over to the tiny fridge and I watched him as he grabbed a coca cola out to mix with his Jim Beam. 
He had a tattoo of a Celtic dragon that covered his left shoulder and his deltoid, and it flexed as he poured his drink. It must have taken hours of sitting in terms of the extensive detailing on his tattoo, I thought.
He had a small amount of darkened hair on his chest that matched the blackish brown hair on his head and even at a distance laser green eyes that hummed a sexual prowess I couldn’t quite imagine a 30 year old should even have.
His buttocks firm, shaped just perfectly for two hands to grab, I thought and his powerful lines of hamstrings and calves were pronounced as you’d expect with a fit young man.
He turned around and held up the bourbon and I declined. I was drunk enough as far as I was concerned and this kind of drunk involved a hangover I wanted to linger over for days.
He sat naked on the ottoman, elbows resting as a tripod on his knees while he looked over his cup. 
I sat on the floor propped against the bed with a white feathered duvet across my chest covering my pale bare skin. I listened to his grand story telling of working on a ranch in his early 20’s, while the air conditioner hummed in the back ground.
He was a dynamic young man, it seemed with fervour for other things than just great sex. He went on, and I just sat there listening to his adventures on a cattle ranch in Colorado after high school, until I heard the tone in his voice change. 
He let his words trail off as he reached to place his cup on the side table and I looked up to meet his green eyes knowing their meaning with full intent. I bit my lower lip and felt my body begin to tingle once again.
“Can I touch you?” I asked in a silky tone.
“You don’t have to ask…” He replied matching my tone with a husky growl.
I sat up from reclining against the bed and my cover fell gently away; nipples pink and firm from the cooled air and aroused state, I pushed the blanket full off me until I was freed from its entanglement.
I leaned forward until I was on my hands and knees crawling towards him. My hair falling off my shoulders, grazing my breasts, and my ass swaying slightly back and forth as I made my way to kneel in front of him.
We kept an intense eye contact that heightened the electricity in the room and I reached up to drag my finger nails down the inside of both his thighs as he sat spread before me.
I inched closer and closer as I wedged my way in between his legs, feeling him widen to make room for me.
My head tilting slightly up to continue to meet his hypnotic stare, I knew I was on level with his stark raw need and his lust filled eyes, once again, gave everything away.
He reached around my head and gathered my hair in his fist, tucked a stray strand behind my ear then thrust my willing mouth down onto his hardened staff.
I felt the saliva in my mouth begin to pool and I covered his girth as deep as I could go. He pushed me further and I gagged, pulling back slightly and he resisted the urge to let me off the hook just yet. I felt his heat harden further underneath my lips and tongue as my head met his pace.
I heard his moan released to the white stucco ceiling and I felt my own warmth begin to drip between my legs.
In a few short minutes we had gone from shooting the breeze, albeit nakedly doing so, to feeling like we were a part of some erotic hazy dream.
I felt a tug on my hair where he had fashioned a ponytail with his grip and he motioned me to rise. I left him hardened and well lubricated so as he let go of my hair and grabbed my ass with both his hands he motioned me to straddle him.
I felt my first knee on the soft ottoman sink a little, then the next until I hovered over top of where he wanted me.
Impatiently he took me and guided me down firmly, his hands on my hips feeling him begging them to twist and rotate while he filled me.
Our lips met with as much vigour as our hips did. Until I felt a jostle and realized he had pulled us to standing, I clung to the back of his neck as he carried me to the bed.
He pinned me under neath of him taking full advantage of his mobility and my lack there of.  He pushed my legs wide with his knees, and the force made me inhale sharply.  My folds already infiltrated, stretched for both our pleasure in rhythmic ecstasy, as I matched him thrust for thrust.  
I felt a bead of sweat form between my breasts as his brow furrowed and a fervent need for faster, for harder grew as he reached his edge.  
“Cum for me.”  I managed to  growl out while scraping my nails down the length of his back.
His eyes closed and his mouth darted for my breast, he took my nipple between his teeth when I felt him jerk and bite down through a torturous moan uncontrollably.  His seed flooded my vessel and a wave of pleasure shot from my breast straight to my own edge.  Leaving us breathless and gasping, collapsed flesh on flesh and spent once again.