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With the clock face covered, I couldn’t tell you what time it was exactly. The light from the window had begun to change and there was this dread forming that outside life was calling.
“I don’t want to go.” I pouted slightly.

“I don’t want you to go either babygirl.”

I curled up in the crook of his arm, my bare leg stretched and bent over top of his hips and kissed his chest then took the liberty with a tiny nibble.

“That doesn’t feel like an attempt to leave.” He intuitively remarked grinning.

“Ok ok… I have to go.” I said sitting abruptly. 

I felt his arm drift to my back where he caressed it with his fingertips. I inched closer to the edge of the bed, while inertia called me backwards.

I caught a glimpse of my black lace thong on the floor and I thought if only I could reach them I would be homefree.

His hand traced my arm until he reached my hand that had been propping my body up slightly and he squeezed it. I grabbed it back while finally being able to stand reaching back to him while squatting down to reach my thong.

“You know those panties didn’t stop me from getting inside you last time.” He said with a sly and mischievous grin.

I groaned, still heightened from all the adrenaline, looking up at the door then looking back to him.

I let his hand drop as I shimmied my panties on and reached for my toothpaste stained tank top and black skirt.

“Damn it, where’s my bra?”

“You mean this?” As his hand raised a familiar black undergarment and his smile broadened.

“You think you’re going to hold me hostage by hanging on to my bra?” I laughed.

“Look at your breasts, they aren’t going anywhere without this.” He said holding it away from me.

“Fuck.” I said grinning back.

I half assed reached out for it. Nothing in my soul felt like it was time to leave. Pretence and the outside world were pressuring me. And now so was he.

I swatted out for it once more half heartedly. Then dropped my skirt and top in resignation.


“Yes,” he said,”that’s the idea.”

He tossed my bra towards the ottoman and it fell on the floor. My hands hovered at the waistline of my thong and I began to lower them.

“No.” He said looking at my hips. “Leave them on. I’m up for a little challenge after all.” 

With that he yanked my arm do we could both fall back into bliss.

I stared up at the ceiling feeling the damp sheets underneath my back. I could have cared less to be honest, the afterglow that was lingering had taken over.

I could hear the water running in the bathroom, the hum of the air conditioner and the rest was pure tranquility.

“What time is it?” I heard him holler in his Midwestern accent.

I reached behind me to the bedside table and lifted off the pillow that had been well placed to avoid the realities of life. My stomach growled, indicating that it knew it was well past the supper hour so as I peeked at the time I wasn’t surprised.

“It’s 8 o’clock.” I said slightly raising my voice in order to be heard over the bathroom fan and running water. He didn’t respond, I imagined he couldn’t hear a word I said.

I sat up and went first to collect my bra by the ottoman and then scrounged the covers for my panties lost somewhere in the bed.

“I can’t find my…” I started to speak then realized again there was no way he was going to hear me, “…oh never mind.” I concluded as I saw a piece of black lace sticking out from the bottom of the bed.

I pulled my panties on then clasped my bra, then made my way to the place I had dropped my top and skirt in my last previous attempt to leave.

Slowly I found myself dressed then remembered the status of my phone just before I had arrived.

“Fuck.” I murmured.

“What is it?” I heard his voice call from the bathroom. “And what time did you say it was?”

I laughed at his ability to make out my profanity but the inability to have heard the time a few minutes earlier. That’s ok I thought, I didn’t really want to know the time either.

“My phone is dead. I should have charged it when I got here.” I whined.

He sauntered out of the bathroom in a pair of khaki shorts undone, and it was evident he wasn’t wearing any underwear. His defined view pointing directly towards his money maker. I’m sure at this point I began to blush.

He grabbed me behind the waist and pulled me into him and I arched my back slightly.

“Well, you were a little distracted when you first got here.” He pointed out.

He lifted my chin with one hand and with his newly brushed minty teeth put his lips on mine. I winced thinking about my toothpaste accident and reflexively reached up and crossed my sweater over my breasts.

 I smiled through our kiss and I felt him smile back.

“What is it?” He said leaning back to meet me eye to eye. “You’re blushing!” He exclaimed.

“Well you’d think after today I would be all blushed out!” I wasn’t joking in the least.

“Ok it’s silly, but just before I left home I ran back in the house to brush my teeth and in my haste didn’t quite make it to the sink in time to spit.”

I opened my sweater to show him the stain I had drooled down my chest and he laughed. He reached up and cupped my breast not even giving the stain a second look.

“You could be covered in ketchup stains and I wouldn’t care. I’d still have you naked in seconds.” He crooned.

I didn’t doubt him for a second. The fact I was fully dressed seemed a mighty miracle in itself.

He gave my breast a squeeze then dropped the same hand around to my ass, slowly lifting my skirt to expose my panties.

I moaned as I pushed my forehead into his lips, drawing my eye sight down towards his unbuttoned shorts. He squeezed my right cheek then dropped my skirt and slapped my ass.

“Now, what was that about your phone?” He reminded me.

Damn, he had a better attention span than I did because I had completely forgotten about the phone that was currently in my right hand.

“Right,” I exhaled a stuttered breath, “my phone. Charged. I mean I need charging. I mean I need to charge my phone!!!” Exasperated with my poor ability to form words I held it up in front of his face and managed to escape the words, “cord. Charge it.” 

He burst out laughing and grabbed the phone and cord from my hands and plugged it into a USB port by the bedside table.

“Damn you’re cute.” He teased, “Is this good?” He said pointing out how he made much better and quicker progress than I was headed towards by myself.

“Perfect,” I exhaled in relief and slumped to sit on the edge of the bed while I waited for it to charge.

He sat down next to me and reached for his own phone. For a split second I thought about all the other women that may be vying for this man’s attention back home.

I barely knew anything about him except that he traveled for work and pleasure, that he was a ranch hand out of high school and had mad bedroom skills. I resisted the urge to look at his phone to give him privacy.

“Do you want to see some pictures while you wait for your phone?”

He slipped these words out with such subtlety that a non attentive ear would have missed the modicum of vulnerability. He was opening up part of himself that existed outside this hotel room.

“Of course I do.”

I scooted over closer so we were thigh to thigh and watched him open his photo app. He scrolled through a cache of pictures till he stopped and let me hold his phone.

It was a picture of a light haired little boy about the age of 3 on a horse. In the background there was the tell tale signs of fall with trees of golden and crimson. Both child and the handsome man standing next to the child were dressed in jean jackets and I turned to the man next to me and asked him if that was his son.

“Yes, his name is Jack, this was taken a year ago.”

“You look so proud standing next to him. It appears he is the apple of your eye.” I said in sincerity.

“His mother took him back to California shortly after this was taken.” He started.

He explained how she had grown up there and her parents were still there. After they split up they had shared Jack back and forth but explained how it had been really hard on him.

“With all my travelling for work Jenn made a pretty good case to the courts that she should have full custody. It all happened so fast, before I knew it she had made plans to move back to her parents where she’d have help.” He continued.

So, he talked about how he was getting ready to move there himself. At least to keep his primary living space there so anytime he was home he could spend time with his son.

“I’ve been lucky to see him every few weeks, but it’s just not the same.”

I sat and listened. Never realizing the story behind the man. Feeling selfish that I had never asked about his life or if he had kids…or worse if he had a wife.

To be honest I was relieved to hear he had an ex but I couldn’t help but think there was more to the world of one night stands than I first imagined.

There was a past, a present and now a future ahead of both of us, in part that made up who we are and how we got to this moment. And I couldn’t not consider that what happened today, wouldn’t affect our tomorrow’s.

©Entirety 2015