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Cradled in a bed of stars Wrapped in beauty Kept warm By your light Slowly feel me Sink into your world I may never Want to leave ©Entirety 2016   

The Game of Risk – An excerpt from #ADateInTheLife 

(For the whole series of A Date in the Life find it here ) If you don’t have any insecurities in your journey of online dating you’re doing it wrong. Face it.  The fact alone that the person you’re getting to know...

Revive Me

Your breath Blew through me Like air to lungs Expanding my world Waking me From winters slumber Taking me beyond The realm Of the walking dead And into life ©Entirety 2016   

Evergreen Lap

   Winds blow Snowflakes dance Pirouetting down To crisp fallen floors Of white winters peace To lay my head down In your evergreen lap ©Entirety 2016

Don’t ask

Don’t ask If I’ve ever loved Like I love you The answer probably Would put you off Into a world You don’t want to know So take my gifts tonite This is the only love I have to give ©Entirety 2016...