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Marrow and Blood

She gnawed at the bone Beneath her flesh Sinking into the source Of loves missing marrow Hoping for answers But mostly just Hoping to be filled ©Entirety 2016 to find more of his...

A Grain of Sand

A grain of sand amongst many Each with colors and markings Unique from one another As distinctive as night from day Yet lost in a sea of same ©Entirety 2014   

Meadows Of Brushed Gold

I wandered meadows Of brushed gold With skies of pewter And a sun of amber cold A touch of metal And stone Chilling my bones Stealing heat Delivering beauty While my soul reconciled This conflicting tale To the reality Of your absence ©Entirety 2016...


He gathered her scars Like they were arrows Placing them In his quiver To shoot down the doubt She battled About being strong enough ©Entirety 2016   


You were The first confession I didn’t want Absolution from And the first Holy sacrament I could finally partake in ©Entirety 2016