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Flawed Beauty 

   ~ Which flaws Yours or mine Kept you From seeing What we could be? Because I must have been blind I only saw beauty ©Entirety 2016

Epiphany in Letters

   ~ I pulled my words From a bucket of letters Scrambling meaning From feeling Wondering which Combination Would bring this epiphany My heart needs To move on ©Entirety 2016


   Today is my one year blogaversary!! Happy WordPress to me!! And to my amazing readers!! (And faithful too!!)  thank you for all you do in supporting my words! Love,  Entirety

Objective World 

I close my eyes Not to hide But because I don’t want to see The world From a cold And clinical view But rather From a place I can feel it In my bones To absorb the parts My eyes can’t reach ©Entirety 2016...

Monotonous Notes

I want more Than these monotonous notes  To fall on my page For the flat melancholy cadence To disperse Into a rhythm That moves palettes of grey scales Away from sorrowful liturgies For a slow crescendo to build And a mending bridge that follows And a song that...