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When you walk down your regular streets you can do it mindlessly, without effort.  I park my car on the street and weave in and out of traffic and make my regular way to work while typing up some poem and texting my bestie.  In Canada.

After I slept yesterday (for 3 hours) I decided I needed fresh exhaust filled London air to get a break from the indoors.  I walked to Whole Foods to pick up a bottle wine and a few breakfast things so I don’t burden Marnie with my poor eating habits. (Basically I can survive on little but love granola and Greek yogurt). 

While walking comes naturally to a 41 year old Canadian girl, crossing a street in the UK does not.  Do I look left? Right? Oh my god, step off that curb honey and you are bumper mush. 

Every single time I cross a street I lose all god damn sense.  So just imagine me wandering London streets with my tongue hanging off to the side and a look of concentration on my face.  Annnnndddd I keep motherfucking waiting on the wrong side of the street for a bus. I’ll have this all figured out by next Monday I’m sure.  

So wish me luck as I venture to Piccadilly Circus on my own, I have some exploring to do while most of you North Americans sleep!  (Did I mention it’s warmer in Winnipeg?) well shit.

i swear a block later it said Look Left … WTF?!

…good thing I have health insurance…. You know, just in case….