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Another sunrise witnessed by a girl who normally prefers to be sleeping for such things.  Anxious about my travel to Edinburgh; an infected blister causing pain, worry about catching a bus, catching the tube, then catching my train all for 7:30am.  Obviously time stresses me out.  The thing is, I’ve never missed a train or a plane anywhere, and nor did I today either.  Silly worrier.  I’m sure there is a poem in there somewhere. (Not that I haven’t written about time before.)

Blue sky all around today, despite the cold it seems a perfect day to see the countryside by train, hopefully the sun is shining in Edinburgh too, only 4.5 hours to go to find out.

The last few days…ummm…were memorable to say the least.  I partied like it was 1999. (RIP Prince- god I hope I got that right or it’s gonna sound totally disrespectful in lieu of recent sad events) 

My girlfriend decided to show me what night life in London looked like.  We honest to god started the night off sober, I mean of course we did.  Then, one more pub, one more drink, one more club, one more cocktail, one more Italian, one more whhhaaaaaattt? (No comment, except you will all be pleased to know I did not get married and defect to Italy with a new husband despite his 30 year old attempt to convince me I was the love he had been waiting for, all his life….Riiiiight. 

Moving on…

The Lego incident I am not able to discuss due to possible criminal charges, juuuuust kidding.  Sort of!! But not mine, I remain a law abiding citizen both in the UK and in Canada.  Although after that night I am sure I did something illegal by some countries standards. 

Ok moving on …again…

Passing Newcastle, I have a strong suspicion the North Sea will be coming along soon…then Edinburgh…. see you soon Old and New Town.