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Lying in bed about to get up… @JimCMackintosh from Twitter / is graciously taking me through the Scottish highlands today!  I couldn’t be more thrilled and have longed to come back here since my last visit in 2014. Thanks so much Jim!!!

Last night had me at The Worlds End pub after getting lost in Edinburgh.  The quote by Tolkien kept running through my head, “all who wander are not lost…” And thought, “well I am wandering AND lost.”  Fortunately I came to some open space and saw this (totally was headed the other direction lol) 

Edinburgh Castle off in the distance #myphoto

Three drams of Whiskey later – Bowmore, Highland Park, and Glenlivet – I settled at Highland Park being my favourite…the Bowmore was like drinking ash…yeah no thanks.

Ok enough screen.  Gotsta run… See you soon!!