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Changing Hues

No shortage of colour Coloured petals splayed by the sun Sun seeking purchase in a grey sky Sky bleeding melancholy hues Hues changing the direction of winds Winds moving bleeding red hearts oN ©Entirety 2016

Paint Brush

~ His hand Dipped into The pale reflection As shimmering glass Gave way to fractured light And the picture painted Glowed of opalescent tears On the remainder Of the convalescent night ©Entirety...

Baby Blues

Thoughts that never belonged To these eyes Of innocence before But now they are hers To own In all their deviance Blazing hues of fire Under those baby blues ©Entirety 2016

Jade Green Sea

~Chasing the sun Under the beckoning tide Come sweet child Float into the sea of jade Let me hold your fears You will not sink The sun does not part For good The stars of night Will be our home And I will keep you warm Until the tide goes out At tomorrow’s turn...

Happy Birthday Dad.

Today my dad would have turned 75. That sounds old. But he didn’t look old to me. Not until I saw him, sitting at the edge of his bed, weak, frail, drooling water down his chin did I see him as even possibly old. Never mind even capable of dying. It wasn’t...