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Shards of Blue

He said I was beautiful He said I was light But I would always be Shards of blue Hiding from the cold touch Of the moon ©Entirety 2016

Shadowed Sunlight

Shadowed sunlight Under a canopy of birch trees A song Spread in the sky And I knew The ghost of you was here Coaxing me into memory Of the passion You forged  ©Entirety 2016

In Love

~ I am in love I cannot hide My secrets out No lies I’m smitten The way you drawn me in  You tease  I taste  I succumb I follow your lead I don’t suppress Your precious gifts You push me I give in Guide me Today tomorrow They’ll never...


~ The hidden moon Summoned the wolfs rain For the earth To drink her fill Of an unfettered night Awash in a silver flood Dancing naked Until the howl Struck the note That released the wild And the wind defrocked  The pewter sky ©Entirety...