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Burning Up

Burning up This one way track Barely breathing As the bleeding Finally slowed And as I move away from you A gasp of life returns The path is set Headed home ©Entirety 2016

Mulch and Mire

Lost strokes Inside the mulch and mire In winters approach Letters and leaves Scatter our way Of naked elms Inconsolable limbs Illegible ink As the shaking hand That writes Fills with intemperate moods Causing autumn to flee...


Beneath the brave Ghost of graves Fled my soft soft heart Blood be bled Trade instead Life for an ending Tell me why Wretched sky How you shine When all the pain You wore in grey Now shimmers silver  And 6 feet deep I lay my love For just another burial ©Entirety...

Lying Eyes

The sky falls With lying eyes A subtle nuance At dawn Turned rage At noon Uncovering the seconds That laid Between its truth When it believed It fell for you ©Entirety 2016