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We made our final destination of Inverness mostly in tact.  I mean all our belongings were in tact (ok except for a few spills in our bags) but our scrambled brains not so much from being awake so long. 

We hailed a cab from an airport smaller than Reginas, so small in fact we had to walk on and off the plane from the Tarmac.

The cab driver grilled us about our tour guide for tomorrow and often spoke so quickly in Scots we giggled for our lack of ability to keep up.  The hostel is fab…can’t go wrong for 26$ a night…and just down the street from a real live Scottish pub where we are Scottish food and drank non-Scottish ale.  Oh we have laughed…but I suspect I will not get much writing done on this journey.  And that’s ok, still plenty of adventuring to do!!!!
Today we are off to see an old battlefield from 1745, Culloden moor, it is where the last battle on Scottish soil took place and it is a memorial to the clans that were decimated that day .  We’ll see some standing stones and hopefully go back in time to find Jamie Fraser (juuuuust kiddin) a castle or two (I know!!!!!), and hopefully find coffee and more ale!! 
Ok I gotta go and find brekkie before Ally the tour guide arrives…