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After 3 days in the feral highlands we primmed and propped this morning to arrive at our obstetrical conference in decent condition for civilization.   We had a small clue about where this conference was and managed to wing a bus for a quick ten minute ride to our location.  

The conference is being held at a Racecourse and occasionally throughout the day we heard screaming seagulls, being so close to the ocean as well.  The atmosphere friendly, coffee inviting and the host phenomenally full of spirit and humour we begun the day changing gears dramatically from our first few days here in Scotland.

I kept my ankle elevated while the girls tried out some of these cool birth supports. 

The day was filled with some phenomenal speakers.  One speaker from Australia spoke on the ongoing debate and research surrounding home vs birth centre vs hospital births.  It reminded me that although many of us come from other countries, the barriers of certain attitudes towards birth have many similarities.  
We interacted with others on our coffee breaks, met a few others from around the world and even got a little artistic with henna! (Joelle is truly an artist)

The highlight for my day was listening to, meeting and talking with an obstetrician named Dr Andy Simm.  About nine months ago, Dr Simm performed a gentle cesarean for a woman at her request, and a video of this woman’s birth went viral.  Many opinions were voiced, as you can imagine from both ends of the spectrum, but hearing the man speak about giving the woman choice for her c-section and what it all involves had me buying in quickly.  (Moved to tears actually…but are any of us surprised?)   I find it profoundly impacting when I see health care providers care about more than just the bottom line of mortality and morbidity alone; when they can move into the realm of considering the experience of the woman, her partner and her infant as part of the whole process of a well birth.  It just makes sense.   And as a woman who had 4 cesereans, yes, I would have 100% of wanted this if the conditions had been appropriate.  

And besides, it was fascinating enough just talking about differences in obstetrical practices between England, where he practices and Canada (ok at least Manitoba) where we work.

Here’s us with Dr Andy Simm! (Did I mention he had a delightful accent?!? 🙂

So basically we are full to the brim for today.  It was a magical day in a whole other way than the highlands, but just as worth the quadrillion of hours it took to travel here to this amazing country!
Ok…we needs a nap!! Shhhhh…