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The second day of the conference was another fascinating one.
Our system in Canada is so different in that the majority of our deliveries are attended by physicians, in the UK midwives primarily attend birth and Drs rather act as consultants.  But the way women birth remains the same and the passion behind birth workers is just as evident!

We heard from a scientist regarding the neurobiology of babies being born to connect and from an obstetrician about the perineal trauma that can occur at birth.  Ina May Gaskin ended the conference telling stories of her 50+ years of delivering babies as a midwife.  

We said our goodbyes and connected with many over Facebook, IG and Twitter and then walked 1.4 km (at least that’s what Google maps said) to only have to ask 2 people along the way if the train station was any where close.  (All in 1.4 km lol)

We arrived and celebrated with selfies and candy!! 

So now here we sit in the train.  All staring at our phones, soaking in the day…still not tired of one another to be honest, and still laughing ourselves silly.

Now on to The Worlds End… I mean Edinburgh… ok really I mean both, and for those of you who read Outlander, you’ll know exactly what I mean! 😉