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And then there were four.

I left these girls at the foot of Arthur’s seat, during crazy wind, to walk myself back through Edinburgh before my train to London.  

They climbed to the top of the world and I hobbled through ancient history and Marks & Spencer and paid a visit to my favourite little store, Crabtree & Evelyn.

I arrived to the train stocked with food for a 4 hour journey, and what was supposed to be 4 hours turned into 5 due to a wee laddie on the train who needed medical attention.

“Is there a nurse, Dr or paramedic on board?” Being heard overhead on holidays can set a nurses heart to flight.  Basically 14 people showed up, and I turned to the nurse next to me and said if someone needs to deliver a baby I’m in coach E!  (No one needed a labour nurse in the end!!)

I arrived at Kings Cross station, loaded my Oyster card and hopped on the tube.  (Hopped is the wrong word…there is no hopping on this foot). Well lickety split I was at Marnies with supper and a cup of tea and ice on my foot. 
Now, three are headed to Ireland and one is catching up with me here in London…I’ll update ya later once we connect again!