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I woke up with my eyes

on the prize

Yet one foot dangling to the floor

The other itching for the door

Wanting your life in mine

hesitating for fear

Yet in the darkness a light loomed

something greater

i just knew

we were made for one another


How you saw the distrust in my face

But afraid I was to look away

with the horses running wild

In your eyes

You said,

“take my hand,

so you know

you escape out that door

i’ll follow right behind.”

I shook my head and smiled

I knew those words he’d stand by

“i’ll chase your heart

Into the sky,” he said,

“Then capture stars for your flight

give you the sweetest goodbye

if that is what you want

but I’m guessing as you slow

what you’d like is a home

in this garden of my heart.”



I wasn’t going anywhere

this much I knew

as he made his stance clear

mine was clearer so


“Hold me now”

i said,

“i want to be the diamonds in your sky

and whatever else makes you wild

And lets make our home here

burying our fears

taking risks on love

something tells me

this is exactly where we need to be


Found in one another

©Entirety 2017